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Residents, Commercial Album Full Album Zip

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Residents, Commercial Album Full Album Zip

Iowa is the second studio album by American heavy metal band Slipknot. Released by Roadrunner Records on August 28, 2001, it was produced by Ross Robinson and Slipknot. The title derives from the band's home state, Iowa, which members have stated is one of their greatest sources of inspiration. With much anticipation for the album following the success of their 1999 self-titled debut, pressures on the band were high. Their relationships with each other suffered and this was later described as the darkest time of their career.[5] It was also the first full album to feature guitarist Jim Root after only appearing on one song from their previous album. Despite troubles within the band and with Iowa's development, Slipknot promoted it for almost a year.

Iowa was a major success, premiering in the top tens of nine countries. Generally positively received, it includes some of their notable songs, such as "Disasterpiece", "The Heretic Anthem", "People = Shit" and the Grammy-nominated "Left Behind" and "My Plague". More technical than their debut, Iowa is considered the band's heaviest and darkest album. It has been certified Platinum in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

Iowa was recorded and produced at Sound City and Sound Image Studios in Los Angeles, California with producer Ross Robinson, who had also produced their debut album.[7] Drummer Joey Jordison and bassist Paul Gray began working on new music together in October 2000, and wrote material for most of the album.[8] During this time, other members took a break after the extensive touring that had followed their debut.[8] However, on January 17, 2001, Slipknot entered the studio to begin recording new material.[9][10] This period in the band's career became known as one of their worst. Jordison recalled, "That's where we got into a war," citing the lack of a break for himself and Gray.[8] Other factors, including vocalist Corey Taylor's alcohol addiction, other members' drug addictions, and management issues affected relations in the band.[5]

It was the first album where guitarist Jim Root had been significantly involved,[12] after joining during the later recording stages of Slipknot.[9] During an interview with Guitar magazine in November 2001, Root explained, "It was so exciting as well as scary to be part of this whole huge process," adding that there was a lot of pressure from fellow guitarist Mick Thomson to perform well.[12]

To FHM, Taylor revealed that he put himself in specific situations to achieve his performance on the album.[13] While recording vocals for the final song "Iowa", he was completely naked, vomiting all over himself, and cutting himself with broken glass. "That's where the best stuff comes from," he explained. "You've got to break yourself down before you can build something great."[13] While producing the album, Ross Robinson was injured in a dirt bike accident, suffering a fractured back in the process. He returned to the studio after a day of hospital treatment, reportedly "putting all of his pain into the album", much to the admiration of the band.[5]

Prior to its release, members promised a much darker and heavier album than Slipknot, and many sources praised the band for fulfilling their promises.[14] In 2008, percussionist Shawn Crahan recalled: "When we did Iowa, we hated each other. We hated the world; the world hated us."[15]

Iowa, unlike its predecessor, saw Robinson capturing the band's technicality as opposed to the raw energy which Slipknot became known for.[16] The band was also praised again for its use of an extended line-up consisting of additional percussionists, turntables, and programmed samples. NME stated that "every possible space is covered in scrawl and cymbals: guitars, percussion, electronic squall, subhuman screaming."[16] Iowa has also been critically acclaimed as one of the only mainstream musical albums to feature blast beat percussion, and was said to h


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