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Carter Ward
Carter Ward

Jacquieetmicheltv Friend La.

When Bennett calls her own desk at Cathedral Software, an imposter answers and offers Bennett her old life back in exchange for the disk. She contacts the only other person who knows her by sight, psychiatrist and former lover Alan Champion. He checks her into a hotel, offers to contact a friend at the FBI, and arranges to have her mother moved for her safety.

Jacquieetmicheltv friend la.

Cited as one of Drew Barrymore's early role models. Loren was close friends with Drew's godmother Anna Strasberg (wife of famed acting coach Lee Strasberg). Anna would bring young Drew--from age 8 until she was 12--to Sophia's ranch outside Los Angeles, where Drew would spend summers with Loren's two sons (Jane magazine interview March 2007).

David and Phil, two childhood friends, spend their weekend in David's luxurious country house, with their daughters, two fine ladies in their early twenties, each having its own attitude. Claire is a shy and studious bookworm, when Clara, the host's offspring, is already quite a slut. Very well-known in the area, the girl goes from hookups to one-night-stand as soon as she escapes her dad's watch. And this year she found a really appealing target in the person of her daddy's best buddy. Will Phil escape the captivating hold of the young temptress or will it indulge his primal desires as the traitors he fears to be?


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