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Toonboxstudio How To Draw Cartoon Animal Characters Extra Quality

DRAWING EXPRESSIONS AND CLEAN UP -In the final part of this Mega Course Paris teaches you how to add the facial expressions to the Basic ToonBox Head which can be used for any of the animal characters that you will design. He also draws a variety of head features for you to remember when you are creating your characters. And to finish off this course, Paris demonstrates how he cleans up a sketch of a Squirrel's head.

Toonboxstudio How To Draw Cartoon Animal Characters

The platform was created by cartoonist Paris Christou to share his experiences based on the techniques and steps he personally took to take him from a beginner level to advanced. ToonBoxStudio offers online drawing and digital painting instructional video training with detailed demonstration and explanation to help you grow and improve fast.

Everything all began back in 2011 when Paris Christou decided to create a YouTube channel just to share his drawing videos with his family & friends. The name Toon-Box-Studio came from his box shaped room in an old studio apartment were cartoon characters were created in his spare time. He designed a female cartoon character named Cherry along with a group of cute animal characters which attracted many people to his silly speed videos as Paris stated. He says "the channel kept me active which helped me to practice and improve, the more people subscribed to my channel, the more I wanted to learn".

As time went by, Cherry became Paris's branded character on YouTube as Mickey Mouse was to Walt Disney. As Cherry started to develop and evolve as a design... so did Paris's ability to draw and digital paint that played a massive role in attracting a wider audience. A lot of artists of all levels wanted to learn to draw Cherry and specifically Paris's style of drawing cartoon characters. Many people quoted "it resembled a Disney style" although Paris never agreed the style was purely Disney, he also mentions in many videos that he was very influenced by Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, Hanna-Barbera, Don Bluth and Dean Yeagle.


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